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We understand the sensitive nature of dirty water coming back to the earth’s surface during the drilling process. We treat over 100,000 barrels a day using our patented processes.  We can either treat the water to be reused in the drilling process, or filter it enough to be released onto the earth’s surface. During the drilling process, water flows out of the ground.  The water is carefully transported to deep injection wells that put the water deeper than 6,000 below the earth’s surface.  This water is returned to over a mile below the earth's surface. Our fleet of tractor-trailers are specifically designed for oil field water transportation. We haul all oil field fresh water, production, flow back and hazmat mud. Each truck is operated by a trained oil field driver who holds safety as the top priority. Sometimes water is harder to find than oil. We have water rights to over 10,000af annually. If you need more, we will find it. This is the first step Lone Stars end-to-end solution. Fresh water is key in the drilling process.